The Las Positas College Chapter
Meetings: Thursdays at 3:00 PM in Room 1602 (meets with Psychology Club)

What is Psi Beta?
Psi Beta® is the national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. It is the first two-year college honor society approved for membership in the Association of College Honor Societies, which regulates membership requirements. The society functions as a community of chapters located at over 170 accredited two-year colleges. Psychology students become members through chapters at their colleges. The chapters are operated by the Psi Beta student members and faculty advisors. A National Council composed of Psi Beta advisors guides the affairs of the organization and determines policy. The national office coordinates and records activities and maintains membership files. Psi Beta participates with Psi Chi and other organizations at APA, APS, and regional psychology conventions.

Psi Beta at Las Positas College
Our Purpose is to encourage, stimulate, promote and recognize interest and excellence in psychology, to advance the science of psychology, and to nurture scholarship in all fields of study. As a member of Las Positas College's Psi Beta Chapter, you will have opportunities to become involved in educational activities on and off campus and participate in community service projects. You will also be able to meet and socialize with other students who share yourinterests, and learn more about the large field of psychology. All of these activities can enhance and facilitate your transition from Las Positas College to a four-year institution, and, later, help you move into your chosen profession. Students of all majors are invited to join.

MEETING: Thursdays @ 3:00 in Room 1602

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Psi Beta: A Brief Introduction

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Benefits of Membership

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Dr. Ratey at Psi Beta
Learn more about what the Las Positas College chapter of Psi Beta.

Benefits of Membership

Permanent record of membership recorded on your LPC transcripts.

Permanent record of achievement, which will be beneficial on applications and resumes.

Membership certificate, card, gold pin.

Gold medallion and ribbon to wear at LPC graduation ceremonies. Additional regalia may also be purchased.

Permanent record of membership maintained by the national Psi Beta office, which will be beneficial on applications and resumes. Verification of membership for references throughout the member's lifetime.

National recognition for outstanding performance by an organization meeting the high standards of the Association of College Honor Societies.

Eligibility for student affiliate membership in the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS).

Opportunity to participate in regional and national psychological association conventions.

Opportunity to submit research papers and community service projects for monetary awards and national recognition.

Opportunity to be of service to the community and college.


Membership Requirements
Membership in Psi Beta is open to all Las Positas College students who meet the following criteria:

Completed at least one semester (3 unit) psychology course with a minimum grade of B;

Completed at least 12 overall college units;

Earned a minimum overall 3.00 GPA

Demonstrated a genuine interest in psychology and high standards of personal behavior and integrity.

Approved by the Las Positas College Psi Beta chapter.

How to Get Started
Contact your psychology instructor, Psi Beta faculty advisor (Robin Roy or Ernie Jones) or any Psi Beta officer, or join us at one of our regularly scheduled meetings.

To apply for membership, you will be asked to do four things:

1) Fill out an application for membership (click here).

2) Type a minimum one-page statement outlining your interests/goals in psychology and why you want to join Psi Beta.

3) Submit application, personal statement, and your LPC transcripts to the faculty advisors (Ernie Jones or Robin Roy) or your psychology instructor. (A copy of transcipts is fine.)

4) Make out a check for $75.00 (covers: the one time national membership fee $50 and gold medallion/ribbon, $25)
(Make out check to LPC Psi Beta. Check should also have your LPC student ID "W" number).