The Las Positas College Psychology Club is dedicated to promoting the study of psychology, providing educational enrichment,
promoting personal development, and providing service to the campus and the community.
Our goal is to provide information, support,
educational and social opportunities, develop leadership skills, share knowledge and experiences, and to promote awareness of psychology
related issues on campus.

Psychology Club with Dr. Temple Grandin (2011)

The Las Positas College Psychology Club is one of the oldest and most active student organizations on campus. Psychology
Club and our sister organization Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society meet each week. Weekly meetings may include
open discussions, videos, guest speakers on a variety of psychology topics, or planning club activities and events.

Membership in Psychology Club offers students an opportunity to meet others with common interests, learn more about psychology,
and get involved in psychology events on campus.
Members have the opportunity to meet some of the most influential people in psychology
today (for information go to the guest speaker link, above) , join us for field trips, participate in volunteer activities, and have fun!
To join, just come to our meetings!


Top row (left to right): (1) The Father of modern sleep science, Dr. Willam Dement with psych club; (2) OCD speaker, Jeff Bellwith club advisors;
(3) Author, comedian and talk show host Brian Copeland with psych club; (4) The Real Rain Man, Kim Peek and his father Fran at LPC Psych Club event;

Middle row: (1) World renowned Autism expert, Dr. Temple Grandin speaking at LPC; (2) OCD expert, Jeff Bell speaking at LPC; (3) Stanford professor and world renowned authority on the brain and stress, Dr. Robert Sapolsky with psych club; (4): U.C. Berkeley and mental health authoirty, Dr. Stephen Hinshaw with psych club.

Bottom Row: (1) Psych club members; (2) Harvard professorDr. John Ratey speaking on exercise and the brain at LPC Psych Club event; (3) Psych Club members at LPC Brain Awareness Week; (4) Dr. Dement at the LPC "Mystery of Sleep" Conference.

3:00 -4:00 PM

ROOM 1602

Meetings are open to all LPC students, faculty and staff.

Psi Beta Honor Society in Psychology
Psychology Club members may qualify for membership in the Psi Beta National Psychology Honor Society when they have complete a 3 unit Psychology course at LPC with a B or above, a 3.00 GPA, and complete 12 total units at LPC.

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