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"Tectonics Moves Mountains..."

All  features of this website are now non functional.  Due to retirement, this website will no longer be maintained.

Good bye from LaChappelle!!!

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LaChappelle's Philosophy


"I believe in scientific inquiry for its own sake," ...
"I think the history of science gives ample examples that pure
investigation has enormous benefit. ... I can't tell you what
this might be good for, but learning about nature is important. And
lovely things turn up."

                                                                James van Allen

"By your pupils, you'll be taught..."

                                                                    Oscar Hammerstein "The King and I"


LaChappelle's Geologic Caldera is maintained by Bob LaChappelle, adjunct geology instructor, Las Positas College, Livermore, CA. 


Last major modification: 20171220

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  A LOGO for Permian Productions consisting of a shield divided into quarters.  An illustration is in each quarter.  The upper left quarter is illustrated with a hammer.  The lower left quarter is illustrated with a four legged dinosaur.  The upper right quarter has a slice of pizza and the lower right quarter is occupied by an octopus.

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