Making Network Cables

Parts needed:

RJ-45 connectors
5 to 10 feet of category 5 cable
Crimp tool
Wire stipping tool or small knife
Cable tester

To connect a computer to another computer using an Ethernet hub or switch, use a straight-through cable.
Make both ends of the cable as per the diagram below. Holding the cable by the connector, pin 1 is away from you.

To connect two computers from network card to network card, make one end as above (Standard EIA-568B) and the other end as follows. This wiring sequence is the EIA-568A standard.

Making the cable
Use the wire stripper to strip off about one inch of the outer jacket; taking care not to knick the wires inside.
Do not strip the 8 wires inside the protective outer sheath.
Untwist and sort the wires according to the desired wiring sequence.
Insert the sorted wires into the RJ-45 connector.
Crimp the connector.
Repeat the above steps for the other connector.
Using the cable tester, verify that the cable is correctly wired.
You may now test your cable using two computers with or without a hub.

Important note: your finished cable should be coiled, NOT folded. This will prevent kinks and intermittent breaks in continuity.