Catalog Descriptions:

Biology 1

Introduction to Cell Biology

Basic principles of biology with emphasis on the experimental approach to solving modern problems in biology. Includes cell physiology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, DNA and evolution. Prerequisite: Zoology 1 or Botany 1 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher). Strongly Recommended: Chemistry 1B or concurrent enrollment; Physics 2A or concurrent enrollment, and eligibility for English 1A or 52A. 3 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory. (CAN BIOL 2; Biol 1 + Botn 1 + + Zool 1 = CAN BIOL SEQ A.) Transfer: CSU, UC

Biology 10

Introduction to the Science of Biology

Basic principles of biology dealing with the nature of living things, and the nature of scientific investigation and its bioethical impact in our modern world. Designed for non-majors in biology or the biomedical sciences. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory. Transfer: CSU, UC*.

Biology 31

Introduction to College Biology

Basic principles of biology. Includes origin of life, cell structure and function, cell division, reproduction, genetics, taxonomy, evolution, and cell metabolism. Laboratory emphasis on devloping various laboratory skills, using the metric system, collecting data, graphing, interpreting data, preparing for and taking lab practicals. Designed to prepare the necessary concepts and lab skills that are needed to succeed in more advanced courses in biology. Strongly recommended: Math 65 or 65B or 65Y and eligibilty for English 1A or 52A, 3 hours lecture, 3hours laboratory. Transfer: CSU, UC*

Botany 1

General Botany

Plant structure and function, with emphasis on anatomy, morphology, and physiology of higher (flowering) plants. Includes evolutionary sequence of plant forms and basic principles of ecology. Prerequisite: Math 55 or 55B or 55Yor an appropriate skill level demonstrated through the mathematics assessment process. Strongly recommended: Biology 31, 3 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory. (CAN BIOL. 6; Biol 1 + Botn 1 + Zool 1 = CAN BIOL SEQ A.)) Transfer: CSU, UC

UC* Transfer Unit Limitations-See p. 63 in Catalog.