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Fencing, the Physical Chess Game

WELCOME to the world of fencing!

In this class you will have the opportunity to experience the exciting, vigorous and challenging sport of fencing. Because it is a combative sport, you will be pressed to the limits of your physical and mental skills. You will learn to become confident and self-reliant, or be doomed to failure. It is not necessary to win every bout, but it is necessary to try to win every bout.

    Sophie in gearFencing is rich in history and tradition. As a sport, it is not a game that someone invented, but rather it is derived from the actual duel. Dueling was a very popular method of settling arguments in Europe in the 15th century. Although dueling was officially outlawed in the 16th century, it continued to be practiced in secrecy well into the 19th century. The invention of the blunted tip and the protective mask in the 17th century made it safe to practice fencing without inflicting wounds on the participants.      

In fencing, there are 3 different weapons: the foil, epee, and sabre. Your fencing experience will begin with the foil. The foil originally was considered the practice weapon for the epee, or dueling sword. The foil is a thrusting weapon so that you can only score hits with the point of the blade.

fencing equipment      All the necessary equipment, except the glove, will be provided for you in this class: mask, jacket, foil. Each person will be responsible for the maintenance and care of their assigned equipment. Failure to return equipment at the end of the term will result in a "hold" on your official school records. fencing move      

This class only meets 3 hours a week. Accumulated absences and tardies will affect your final grade, as well as sabotage your acquired skills. There is a "Credit/No Credit" option.      

All fencers will be expected to be alert, prompt and ready to work.

All members of the fencing classes are eligible to be members of the Las Positas College Fencing Club.

Fencing Schedule

CRN No/Sec. Class Days Times Room Units
21715 PE FNB-V01 Fencing - Beginning T/Th 11am - 12:15 pm PE 102 1.0


Distance, distance, distance. Stay at the distance you need to be for your actions. We all tend to believe we have to get closer to our opponents than we really need to. Close distance only when you are attacking. Note that if you can reach your opponent easily, your opponent can reach YOU just as easily. Understand the concept of distance, and use it to your advantage. It is one of the most underrated of skills, yet if you control distance, you control the strip.