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FITNESS WALKING - A Walking Workout

Fitness walking is serious exercise, yet it is the safest and most natural activity for health and fitness. It is brisk, vigorous walking - usually from 3-1/2 to 5 miles per hour. It is walking with determination, moving forward with purpose and control as if you had someplace to go.

The benefits include:
walking is good exercise

  • Heart: Improves strength and efficiency. Walking is an aerobic activity that helps condition your heart.
  • Muscles and Bones: Tones and strengthens.
  • Metabolism: Speeds up body's ability to burn calories for energy.
  • Weight: Preserves lean muscle while losing fat, giving you a trim look.
  • Mental: Improves self-image, releases stress.
  • Relaxing and Energy Boosting: Sounds conflicting, but walking clears your mind while the aerobic activity gives you energy.
  • Injury Free: Low impact, so there is little pounding of joints (Impact of 1-1/2 times your body weight verus 3 times body weight from running).
  • Inexpensive: No equipment or gym facilities required. All you need is comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Convenient: Can be done anywhere in any weather (just dress accordingly and carry a sunscreen).
  • Easy: Walking comes naturally.

walk with a friendThis class allows you to choose your own "speed" of walking, whether it be a 20-minute per mile pace, or a 12-minute per mile pace. All class members meet together at the beginning and end of each class session to stretch, and to share in the camaraderie that exists in activity groups like this. During the time allotted for the cardiovascular portion of the class, each individual will be expected to participate to the fullest at their own fitness level.

To attain cardiovascular fitness, you must exercise so that your heart rate goes up to the TARGET RANGE for at least 15-20 minutes. (Target Range is 70-80% of your Maximal Heart Rate; and Maximal Heart Rate is [220-your age]). **Not to worry, more details to follow.**

Walking Schedule

CRN No/Sec. Class Days Times Room Units
31798 PE FW-V01 Fitness Walking T/Th 9:30 - 10:45 am PE 102 1.0

Words of Wisdom

To begin a walking program, pace yourself and start out wisely. Walk at your own level of ability for about 30 minutes. Don't try to complete a marathon your first day out. Decrease your intensity if you need to. Remember, you want to be able to do this tomorrow, too.