English 13 - Spring 2007

Welcome! This course is intended both for students who already write poetry and/or lyrics and those who are interested in beginning to write. Experience with reading or writing poetry is not necessary; what is necessary is that you have a desire to appreciate and create poems. We will be engaged in a combination of writing and revising our own work, reading and critiquing each other's poems, reading and discussing work by established poets, and exploring the nature of language and art in general.

By the end of the semester, you will have produced a personal portfolio that reflects your progress and process with writing poetry. It may include pieces you are still revising, poems that you feel are "done," feedback and critique that you find valuable, and poems by other authors that have influenced or impacted you. If you become serious about writing, you may choose to develop a "showcase" portfolio as well, a presentation of your best work, which can be used for submission to journals, contests and workshops.

I see no point in picking up pen and paper unless
you are going to consign to that paper the truth.
~ Gwendolyn Brooks, U.S. Poet Laureate 1985