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Barbara Zingg


Introductions to classes I currently teach:

Microbiology 1

Human Physiology 1

Welcome to my instructional web site at LPC! This semester (Fall 2015) I am taking a break from teaching. I will be back teaching Microbiology in the spring of 2016. My web pages are designed to enhance your educational experience and help you succeed in my course. All webpages are posted within Blackboard. In order to view them you need to be a registered student. If you are a registered student go to the Blackboard login page ( and follow the directions to enter the class.

Registered students who do not show up the first day of class will be dropped from the roster.

If you have trouble loging into Blackboard and need technical assistance, contact LPC Distance Education Support at or (925) 424-1142. Do NOT contact me for technical problems.

Any questions about course content or structure contact me directly.

Class Schedule Fall Semester 2015: No classes (on leave this semester)

Class Schedule Spring Semester 2016:

  • BIO 7C V01 (Microbiology) - Lecure: Mo/We 8 - 9:15 AM in 1814; Lab: Tu/Th 8 - 10:50 AM in 1854
  • BIO 7C V02 (Microbiology) - Lecture:Tu/Th 2:15 - 3:30 PM in 1873; Lab: Tu/Th 11 AM - 1:50 PM in 1854

How to Contact Me:

Email (preferred mode!):

Phone: (925) 424-1387

Office number: 2411F

Office Hours Spring Semester 2016:

  • To be determined

Click here for a complete schedule of my LPC hours.

Educational Background:

  • Ph.D., Comparative Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine
    University of California, Davis. 1993. Studied molecular characteristics of the Lyme Disease agent Borrelia burgdorferi
  • Med. Vet., (Veterinary Medicine),
    School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Berne, Switzerland. 1985

Teaching Experience:

Teaching at Las Positas College since 1997

Short Biography:

I started out as a veterinarian in Switzerland and came to California in 1986 (no, not for professional reasons!). After going back to school at UC Davis, I received my Ph.D. in the graduate group of Comparative Pathology. My research area was Molecular Medical Microbiology specifically I was working with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. After my Ph.D., I worked in research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for a few years.
During that time I started to teach part time at Las Positas College and soon discovered that I really liked teaching a lot more than research. So, here I am today, a full-time instructor for Microbiology and Physiology. Sometimes I also teach Anatomy and Human Biology.
  dog named Paco  

I live in Danville with my husband, my daughter Maia (we adopted her from China in 2000), one dog named Paco del Taco, one hamster, two rats, and six birds.

In the summer I like to go camping and hiking in the woods. Coming from Switzerland, I also like to ski and snowshoe.

dog and rat












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